Beware "Flowers, Flowers Everywhere"

With Valentines Day approaching, flowers will abound on every street corner, every grocery store, and every florist. All of them will be ready to supply the demand.

But wait a minute. Will all these flowers be the same? Is a rose really just a rose; but with a different color? These are just a few questions I had, so I asked a few florists. At first I was only curious, but when I got evasive answers I decided to do a little digging.

My probing took me to Fall River Florist Supply website. After perusing it, the fire that fueled my curiosity, quickly abated. They covered the difference between flower farms (breeders), the quality of flowers from soil to soil, the post-harvest process, the unknown age of cut flowers, the refrigeration during and after shipment, and the delivery.

They explained everything I wanted to know. Now, I look at flowers differently. And so will you.

In the past; I have purchased flowers from street vendors, grocery stores, and warehouses. I would pick them with care; inhale their aroma; then take them home. Once there, I would prune their stems on an angle to bring water into them, add a dash of bleach and a pinch of sugar to the water to keep them alive.

The next day to my chagrin I would find half the lot drooping. What happened were the words echoing through my mind? It does not matter that I only spent $5.00 for 6 roses or $10 for a dozen. What mattered was that I spent my money and time on an inferior product.

Too often people go for convenience, and a florist who has the expertise, artistry, preferred suppliers, and equipment for proper storage; may not be in every town or on every block. So go the extra mile and find a florist that you can relate to and rely on for all your celebratory needs.

Your florist number should be readily available just like your doctor, veterinarian, or best friend.

Reverend Starlene Joyner Burns
DC Superior Court Authorized Officiant

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