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Will Gay Marriages Really Increase DC’s Revenue?

DC always finds a way to run potential wedding couples away. First it was the blood test and the five day waiting period. This sent couples to VA where they could get married immediately or to Maryland. And couples like that who really wanted a DC marriage; would have their weddings (commitment ceremony with proof of their marriage) in the District of Columbia amongst their family and friends.

Now, DC has a new dilemma. Same sex couples will try to bypass the requirement just like heterosexual did, but in a different way. They will get married in DC (private ceremony) and then have their commitment ceremony in a neighboring state.

I receive calls from people asking if their DC marriage license had to be used in DC. My answer is always an affirmative, yes. I make no exception to this rule. However, I let all of them know, that they can have a commitment ceremony in MD or VA and have a marriage ceremony in DC. That suggestion appeals to many couples, especially those trying to save money with an all inclusive package offered at some of MD venues. However, it does not appeal to those who really want their marriage performed and celebrated in DC.

Once Maryland starts to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states including DC, DC will have some stiff competition. Most couples will have their weddings in Maryland and their marriages performed in DC.

This will leave DC receiving the stats and fees for these marriages, but not the expected revenue. However, many same sex couples who want to move to DC after marrying here; says, "all the money should go to DC. DC legalized it, so DC businesses should profit from it, not Maryland and definitely not Virginia."

Reverend Starlene Joyner Burns
DC Superior Court Authorized

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